Posted by: Rowland | August 5, 2008

Puzzle pieces

Had quite a sleepless night last night and spent most of the time praying about our proposed relocation after a surprise meeting with the property owners yesterday. We had gone to the house simply to pray but discovered that people were there – the owners from overseas -and they invited us in and I think it was a good opportunity to become acquainted. The previous evening some of us had prayed for progress on the move this week so we trust that the encounter will prove to be significant in some way. Apparently they had replied to our e-mail of some weeks ago but nothing was ever forwarded to us by their attorney! We didn’t press to know the details, other than that they still intend selling the property. We may have given them something more to think about and they have invited us to revisit before they leave the island at the end of the month.

This morning we ‘gatecrashed’ a meal that Rob Cottrell was having with Dennis Greenwich from London – someone I had met many years before. Several things in our conversation meshed together including an unusual dream Vicki had last night, a scripture that impressed Dennis this morning and the general sharing of understanding and experiences.

I’m glad God is able to put all these pieces of the puzzle together!

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