Posted by: Rowland | August 8, 2008

No more house news

The owners of the Mill have not forwarded to us their original reply to our enquiry about possible other ways forward to acquiring access to the property. And I have had to ‘chase’ the company in Denmark from whom, in a related action, I have ordered our new bikes. Fortunately this journal is being typed on the new Apple laptop, so some progress has been made.

Meanwhile life goes on – Vicki doing some more training of teachers, Mum coping with a second attempt at wearing a 24-hour blood test monitor (the first attempt didn’t produce accurate readings) and I have been ferrying them around and fitting in my exercise walks as and when, and facing the challenge of losing more weight, even though everyone seems to think I am slim enough. Either their standards are different to that of the cardiologist (true and I suspect deceiving themselves) or they have forgotten that 4 years ago after my heart operation I was still 10 pounds lighter (I have just managed to lose 12 pounds). In between all this there are concerns about people development, study, preparation for meetings and talks and a lot of correspondence – trying to keep up with friends old and new – but the list is almost endless. Oh and the odd bit of bicycle maintenance for someone thrown in.

And behind all this is the longing to further develop in prayer and to see that place of prayer established.

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