Posted by: Rowland | August 21, 2008

A good late night

Not been writing too strongly here but you may need to realise I do maintain a personal MacJournal in which I can include everything. Naturally some of the personal and pastoral stuff is inappropriate in this blog but sometimes I wish I could simply be free of that restriction and write whatever. Having discharged by burden in the journal it seems I have to make something up when I come to the blog and that doesn’t come so easily.

But watched a great documentary last night in a carpeted basement room of an old plantation house seated on large cushions on the floor. The film was projected onto the wall. It was entitled Rebellion of Thought and attempted to come to grips with Postmodernism and how Christians could/should respond. It was exciting, provocative and well presented and it certainly led to an interesting discussion afterwards and a late night was had by all. The mistake for me was the coffee! At 2.30 a.m. I gave up attempting to sleep and put in a couple of hours researching some of the material used before returning to bed for a couple of hours (literal – not Bajan time). No wonder I’m sleepy now.

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