Posted by: Rowland | September 2, 2008

Pulpit ‘ministry’ & ‘the move’

I preached at a Wesleyan Holiness church on Sunday morning in the northern parish of St Lucy. I visited there many years ago and hence the reason for the ‘recall’ – some remembered me. There was a good family atmosphere in this small rural congregation and clearly most were attentive and many were enjoying what I had to say about passing on the baton to the next generation (as per David to Solomon etc.) One came away with the impression that the conservative pastor (absent on this occasion) would not have been quite so keen on my advocacy for change and it so often seems that pastors are ‘corks in the bottle’ preventing the ‘new wine’ from coming out.

I don’t find myself in pulpits very much these days. Years ago (1994) while visiting the island a conference speaker exhorted me to “forget what I know about pulpit ministry and come down among the ‘sheep’ – they need to know my touch…” and subsequent years have been characterised more by dialogue and smaller group situations. Nevertheless I enjoyed myself as did most of te congregation. I hope they will be able to find ways forward.

During August we were able to twice meet with the Italian owners of the property we want to buy for a home and place of prayer. The personal contact was good and they would actually like us to be the new owners but we have not been able to bring the required finance to the table. Apparently there are no other interested parties at the moment. So we pray on and trust that things will open up in God’s time. But I can’t help feel a sense of increasing urgency about the move: satan has a knack of filling the vacuums that we leave available…

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