Posted by: Rowland | September 15, 2008

40th wedding anniversary – re-focusing

Just had a couple of good days away with Vicki celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. We simply went down the road to the Accra Beach Hotel (we were treated to a weekend there once before) and enjoyed someone else’s hospitality! It was very relaxing but the main thing was time to talk together, although Vicki managed to squeeze in quite a bit of swimming time.

This is the pool and the sea seen from our room.

There’s a lot going on in our lives right now: someone has said it is a threshold watershed time for us. We were able to concentrate on what this might mean and explore the things that are on our hearts for the future. We are realising that it’s time to re-focus on some fresh priorities and although moving to a new home, which will be a place of prayer, is part of that, there is more ‘coming to us’ and I’ll share more on this as we grasp things more clearly. Suffice to say that we were so pleased on Saturday night (before leaving for the hotel!) to have many of our younger friends praying with us; that generation will be a strong feature in our concerns and hopefully there will be more involvement in other nearby island nations. Watch this space…



  1. Hello Rowly and Vicky..well this is my 3rd attempt to get a message to u but been hoping for u showed 40th wedding anniversary of 2008 and now 2016o nearer to50th..the thing is I was there too..yes all those years ago..I c ur blog seems to stopped rolling in 2012 so hoping you all keep greetings to you from a beautiful sunny day in Hereford UK
    aliasMaureen)Collings post Stour Street
    Mo Collings

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