Posted by: Rowland | October 17, 2008

Birthdays – times have changed!

Once upon a time one used to get real birthday cards and presents. Aaah! This time I got one card from my mother (bless her) who lives with us and painstakingly goes out (at 91) to search for something suitable, e-cards from the rest of the family (probably because I sent similarly to our sons recently, thus making it easy for them to utilise the same service!) and about 20 virtual greetings on Facebook. It was good to get all the greetings and clearly people are taking advantage of the technology even when separated by many miles and years apart, but didn’t there USED TO BE something exciting about getting all those cards via the postman? And living where we do it’s a matter of going to the GPO to collect any parcels that might arrive, and having to open them there in case there is anything dutyable enclosed: it takes some of the fun out the anticipated knock at the door that I remember from childhood. Of course there were family phone calls from the UK but it’s a different world from even when our own children were small.

Please excuse this little nostalgic trip!

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