Posted by: Rowland | October 23, 2008

Dreams are remarkable!

I had a recent dream which I wrote down as soon as I awoke – about 3. 30 a.m. It was very clear and took place in an English setting of a town where I once worked – years ago. From previous experience I’ve realised that the application would likely refer to our current time in Barbados (sometimes known as ‘Little England’ and where we now live and work) and with that key and some immediate waking thoughts the dream’s meaning became clear. Earlier during the night I had been (I think in my sleep) ‘worrying over’ a particular situation and on waking the dream spoke into that – revealing my overall priorities and also what my approach should be to helping a particular person, and it was so encouraging and clear, bringing immediate lightness of spirit into what had seemed an uncertain situation. And the dream was all expressed in terms of what I encountered while cycling through this town!

I never fail to be amazed how clearly God speaks to me through such dreams, using visual language e.g. about cycling, that is so especally meaningful to me and would have my immediate attention and appreciation. Alas scripture says that “your old men (!) shall dream dreams” but that seems a small thing to bear in the light of the wonder of a God who is prepared to speak to me so clearly when I appear to need to hear his voice. I marvel at this.

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