Posted by: Rowland | December 7, 2008

OM in Barbados


My good friend Willie Cuke (pastor) presided over the opening of Operation Mobilization’s new offices in Bridgetown, Barbados yesterday evening and about 2 dozen coleagues, associates and friends were there to witness the event. It’s good news for OM as Willie has long had a passion for overseas mission, good news for Barbados as this marks another avenue for the development of young people (“after 2 months on an OM ship they will never be the same again”) and it’s good news for Willie who, after a prolonged period of incapacitating ill health, is now restored and back in action. We rejoice with him in having taken over the helm of this organisation in Barbados.

Of course OM is well known for its book distribution – the arrival of the Logos in the island is a major educational and spiritual attraction – and this is likely to become more so as they begin in the near future to traverse the island in a purposely equipped book van… and, of course, samples were available for purchase on this occasion. I couldn’t resist one by Sarah ArthurWalking with Bilbo – but decided to safeguard my image (in danger of slipping with all this cycling stuff) by also getting ‘Father of Faith Missions – the Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves’. I know you will humour my idosyncracies!

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