Posted by: Rowland | December 20, 2008

Been busy!

We have had visitors for the last two weeks and been spending all spare time with them thinking through not only the shape of the church to come (as one does!) but our mutual futures in it all. Newly uncertain immigration issues here and the implications have made us begin to consider a possible ‘plan B’ for the first time if we are to stay in the Caribbean.   And the realities of now being without current Barbadian ID cards, after living here for 14 years,  have made it quite difficult to do things – like renewing my driving license (some tricky moments with the local police until one of them helpfully found a way forward) and the simple matter of issuing cheques. Of course it’s Christmas time and that means it’s always fun trying to organise ourselves (when Vicki is under end of term pressures) and gifts for our family a few thousand miles away. But although the uncertainty can be emotionally trying there is that sense of new things ahead, and that is exciting (if you don’t weaken!)


  1. Your comment on thinking of the shape of the church is interesting, Rowley, in light of the email I just sent you…. lol I sent it just before reading your post, so have a read and get back to me on it, please. 🙂

  2. There is much talk in all sorts of areanas about an organisation being “Fit for purpose”.This is interesting in the light of your comments on the shape of church in the future. You can have square bread, round bread, long or short bread. The shape is not what really matters….what does matter is that it contains the right ingredients to do you good and provide those calories that were absent on the Vicki bike ride of an earlier blog! So whatever your thoughts are we need to have opportunity to eat the necessary ingredients….. for corporate prayer and worship, teaching the word of God in a systematic way to new believers, reading the scriptures together and coming to a good understanding of how they are relevant to our daily lives, work together in the mission Jesus left us to get on with and enjoy meeting the presence of Father in each other. The scripture talks about us meeting together in his name (Literally to move into his name) which means together we should be able to apprehend more of God than we can alone at the very least in so far as we have a job to do that requires two at least! Whilst ted was here he was reminding us of the need for assembling together as the scriptures encourage in the light of his strong feelings that the times are getting a lot tougher and the end may well be approaching. We do need to be getting out there and touching people but we need to have the power of the Holy spirit flowing through us in such a way that we dont just make friends but disciples and thats a whole different ball game!!! Quite a challenge for 2009.

  3. Tried to send Christmas Greetings to your old email address with newsletter attachment. Please advise you new address. Blessings.

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