Posted by: Rowland | December 23, 2008

Bird prophetic symbolism?

A little while ago while entertaining a dear friend on a visit to the island we were amazed to see from our open-air meal table what looked like an eagle gliding by. Reference books indicated that it was an osprey – the first one I had ever seen.

Today while with the same visitor but when praying for and blessing his wife we were again amazed to see a brown pelican flying by the cliff-top seat – again the first one I had seen in flight and so close – before it dipped down towards the ocean and was eventually lost from sight. I recall seeing one only once before in 14 years of living here. It ‘felt’ as though there was some special significance in both appearances. Any thoughts?


  1. A good friend commented privately: –
    Both birds are migratory birds. Their range extends across continents. They are not back garden finches
    Both birds were designed to hunt fish. They have special adaptations for this purpose including the ability to see fish below the surface and dive and catch them.

    I believe that their appearance is significant. Perhaps an invitation to become more migratory in ministry. A bit more Frodo.

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