Posted by: Rowland | January 2, 2009

Montserrat retreat

Been away with Vicki for a few days to this island retreat and right now am sitting on the balcony of the apartment in the cool/cold of the evening overlooking the lights of Brades but it’s now too dark to make out Nevis on the horizon and too far away to see any lights on that island.  It’s been good to see something of our friends and colleagues who took us to the volcano observatory. While we were watching a DVD presentation we were suddenly called out of the theatre to see real life drama – a significant eruption and pyroclastic flow pouring out of the dome area. It was a good job we were some 4 miles away just outside the exclusion zone.

While we have been away our thoughts concerning this strategic time in our lives have progressed and hopefully will continue to become even clearer. We have been building on ideas that have been coming to us in recent weeks but new perspectives have also emerged. It would be convenient had God simply told us what was next on his agenda but it continues to be a process of discovery and dependence on revelation – which I guess makes things more exciting, if you can stand the uncertainty! I’m reminded that over 10 years ago  we did a ‘village mapping’ exercise as we sought to discern our identity as a group – ” a supportive group of friends that want to…” and we were not too sure what more to add! ‘Clouds of uncertainty’ surrounded our lives then and even now they seem to be an ongoing accompaniment to the life of faith. But en route God has shed light on the pathway and I’m glad we are still on the journey.

All being well we return to Barbados on Sunday.


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