Posted by: Rowland | January 16, 2009


For the first time in quite a few weeks I resumed my morning walk/jog alongside the former cane fields up to St David’s village and back. I’ve not been idle during that time but giving more attention to getting out on the Pedersen (cycling being my first love – in the exercise field that is!).
The walking path has changed: it has been bull-dozed into a much broader track and much of the former ‘hidden-ness’ has been lost. It was once a narrow overgrown footpath requiring careful foot placing lest you trip on a tree root and you never knew what you would encounter round the next clump of trees. Now the route is open and plain for all to see. 01162009001.jpg
But I liked the old path.

Health: in June ‘08 my blood pressure had surprisingly raised to a concerning 145/ ? but my weight had also crept up to 185 lbs. The cardiologist told me to lose 20 lbs before my next visit in December (much to other friends’ surprise as they thought I looked OK). The good news is that I’m now down to around 160 lbs. (didn’t put any extra on over the Christmas season) and the blood pressure is a pleasing 125/80. It has been worth the hidden effort.

Some hidden effort is going into thinking about the nature of church and seeking to understand what God is wanting to create through us in the Caribbean and perhaps further afield. We have recently been reflecting on a broad concern about creating Christian community that is not dependent on meeting attendance – a radically different concept – and a realisation that God wants to birth a new generation with significant spiritual influence and needing a move of His Spirit. Alongside these immediate regional concerns we have also realised that we are an integral part of a small global network of Caribbean oriented friends who, although dispersed, share the same supportive concern.

I think we are going to have to be fit to keep up with what develops. At least we are getting glimpses of what lies ahead!


  1. Well, I can totally relate to both aspects of this post.
    As a young boy I remember running thru the canefields of my childhood home in Walker’s Valley, St. George. Most of those fields are now punctuated by concrete jungles/housing developments etc. The price of development, I guess…

    My BP as of Saturday is 132/78, slightly elevated (perhaps because I was so nervous at my first full checkup of my adult life!). Definitely a factor is my weight – it’s definitely too high (274 lbs! OK – it’s down from around 290 at my peak but still!) for my height and build – aiming to lose 25 in the first instance, but 70 overall (in about a year). My doc is looking for a BP of 120/70 or less.

    I will keep you posted as to my progress!
    Please pray. I wish to really get back on track and take care of this one body God gifted me with.


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