Posted by: Rowland | January 24, 2009

Early ride

While it was still dark I set off for Brighton Farmers’ Market in St George. It’s not really too far and on the Pedersen takes about half an hour at fairly leisurely pace. As usual by 6. 30 a.m. the place is swarming with people around the various stalls. I go for Richard White’s bread. It’s made with less sugar than the factory product and also just looks good! He makes plenty of pastries and quiches too but while there I content myself with one of his plain buns with water out of the bottle slung over my shoulder and chatted to various acquaintances. Many make a breakfast occasion of it, sitting down with friends at the many picnic tables. 012420090011I stand slightly aloof keeping an eye on my bike. It still draws lots of comments (the bike that is – not my aloofness) and so is a real contact maker. All in all the trip makes a satisfying start to the day.


  1. I’ll try that one soon. I LOVE going to farmer’s markets early on Saturday mornings…whether urban (Cheapside etc.) or rural.

    We currently frequent the Redland/Claybury farmer’s market in St. John. By car. 😦 (well, it IS a fairly long and uphill trip, and we have no bike yet, Pedersen or otherwise!)

    The scenery reminds me of that old Cat Stevens song (based on the old hymn) “morning has broken like the first morning/blackbird has spoken like the first bird…”

    Thanks for the reminder!

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