Posted by: Rowland | February 10, 2009

Starting with a blank page!

It’s been for us a relatively quiet time recently while Vicki has coped with being quarantined with shingles and this has given the opportunity to do some practical things around the house. I’ve rearranged my study room. Bookcases have been moved, worn out phones replaced, as well as worn out rugs when some bargain pieces were spotted at a local store. My desk is now facing a good map of the Caribbean, rather than the window: this is in line with our decision to focus on the region and not just Barbados. Our renewed focus will require some fresh initiatives and probably a more planned methodical approach to unite my visionary approach with Vicki’s constant cry of “What, then, are we going to do?”
Of course even in a quiet activity time there are always many things going through my mind, not least concerns about the deployment of personnel – including ourselves; the character development of the young adults we care for; the concern to support our dispersed friends and colleagues, who each in their own areas face real challenges, and overall how best to co-operate with God in the outworking of his kingdom purposes.
There is no further news on the ‘immigration front’ nor any apparent progress on our desire to purchase ‘The Mill’.
I think my next posts will spell out some of the ingredients that we are clear about for this next phase. It’s amazing to think that we have now been here 14 years – longer than we have spent in any one place in the past.


  1. So sorry to hear of Vicki’s shingles, hope she is feeling much better soon, it reminds me of our camping trip to Ringwood with most of the Whitchurch fellowship; that’s when I had shingles on the face! Love to you all

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