Posted by: Rowland | February 12, 2009

The next phase

Some of the clear ingredients are as follows: –

  • Vicki and I are to ‘give birth’ to a younger generation who will be spiritually significant: they will introduce new expressions of the church and Kingdom.
  • It will involve re-laying the foundations of church for a new generation.
  • Our priority is to identify/create a regional network of young people (200 over the next 2 years?). Vicki is likely to be the ‘gatherer’ with my support: I will be the ‘envisioner’ with her support.
  • The process has begun and will be sustained by prayer: it must be a move of the Holy Spirit. Our home must relate to “a place of prayer in the middle of nowhere” and be a spiritual power house! NB: windmill significance.
  • We need to plan – a methodical approach – so that our shared approach to everything we do is subject to this one goal.

I’ll add some more ingredients tomorrow but give the opportunity for a little ‘mulling over’. Comments welcome: this is, as they say, a work in progress rather than absolute conclusions although the above seems pretty clear to us..


  1. For some time Malachi 4 has been a focus for many people, and it is so good to read what you have written. True parenting, that releases other generations of parents, seems to tbe call of the moment.

    I look forward to follow how the ingredients come together.

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