Posted by: Rowland | February 13, 2009

Next phase thoughts – part 2

  • “We are at a watershed” – our next phase ” will almost seem like a fresh start” – a break/development  from what we have already done. (‘Frodos’ is perhaps a start (!) but we need to add to this young adults from the region.)
  • We have questioned whether our base location should change from Barbados – some have suggested so; immigration delays have made us wonder but relocating does not get any easier;  another thought is our role may be ‘migratory’ although we are seen as thoroughly integrated into Caribbean society and it has been suggested we will end our days out in the Caribbean – lots of implications here!
  • Both Vicki and I need to establish new margins and habits in our lives so that we are fit for the task: this will involve further  living as an example (I would like to explore more of a simple lifestyle) including spiritual and physical exercise to be able to nurture others.
  • Vicki’s current teaching role must adapt to this priority e.g. less private lessons and probably concentrating on  consultancy training, the Dyslexia Centre and a particular school, thus taking pressure off our home to make time and space for the above.
  • We already have access to a global network of friends (several Caribbean ones) who are culturally sensitive to the task and may be called upon (perhaps they are going to be the migratory ones?).

In the next post I may expand on some of the ‘indicators’ we have had .

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