Posted by: Rowland | April 14, 2009

It’s time to blog again

I’ve been travelling to the UK, seeing some of the family and many friends from several previous locations. Even though it was a funeral which drew us together it was good. Some relationships already have ‘eternity’ stamped all over them!

And then it was 2 weeks of vacation over here, hosting son Jeremy and his girl-friend, Dorte. It was just great being together. And amongst it all Vicki and I squeezed in a 2-day retreat away from it all. Such times are always good for us.

And now it’s back into action, picking up some of the pieces and so many strategic issues to work through and decisions to be made: never a dull moment, but every now and again some are more testing than others.

It’s also been a time of receiving prophetic insights from friends. One thing has struck me again that such offerings are often phrased in the ‘language’ of the giver’s understanding and background and it is wise to seek to get to the spirit of the thoughts behind the actual words if we are really to benefit. E.g. 15 years ago one such insight told me to “forget what I know about pulpit ministry…” and though it was years since I had really inhabited that ‘pulpit world’, the spirit of what was said was actually timely and very affirmative of my desire to break through the clergy/laity divide in a particular situation. The ‘language’ was of course normal to the giver. But we can get hung up on taking words literally (as with parts of the Bible, I guess) when an interpretation is needed.

I think that’s one reason why I really appreciate dreams and my wife’s visions:   – ‘a picture is worth a 1000 limiting words’. And I’m soberly reminded to try and choose my own words more carefully, without getting ‘hung up’ on that either.


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