Posted by: Rowland | April 19, 2011


“There is a chain of command – when you pray in the Spirit it is as though memorandums are issued and circulated and courses of action are ordered and embarked upon. Your prayers are heard and answered and decrees are set in motion in the realm of the Spirit that will bring about a response, a concurrence with your requests, for God regards you highly. He takes note of your wishes, your thoughts and assessments and will undertake to meet your needs.

You have a great God whose kingdom is benevolent and whose servants are endowed with great affection and authority, for it is a large kingdom – there is room for so much, and every creative thought and aspiration finds space in which to be expressed and to be creatively used to bring into being an aspect of that kingdom. Your God is great – there is no limitation with Him and his kingdom is everlasting, not limited to time and space but finding eternal expression.

So be enlarged in your thoughts and begin to see and explore your creative significance. Remember it is a kingdom of love and love is unending. There is room for you to be lost in the vastness of the ocean of the creative love of God. How vast is the sphere of your influence because, in the omniscience of God, His Spirit praying through you can change destinies way beyond your sight and knowledge. So be bold as you make your mark in His kingdom.”
I’m beginning to understand this – 17 years on!



  1. Hello Rowland, Im sorry this is unrelated to your blog except in the sense that it may be a means for me to reconnect with Vicki. I knew Vicki in about 2000, when she mentored me at the dyslexia centre in Barbados. I would be very grateful if you could pass a message on to her from me, if she would like to reconnect my email address is Regards Paula Gumley

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