Posted by: Rowland | August 30, 2012

‘Glimpses’ resumed

It’s been a while! After my last post about intercession I retreated from the thought of blogging about prayer. Many people encouraged me to develop the topic as clearly God was bringing a new emphasis into my life but somehow it seemd too personal and private and what happens best behind closed doors rather than being published.  At least that’s what my background tells me (and scripture comes to mind too). But encouragement to write has persisted so I think I shall continue as before with “glimpses of good living” but no doubt prayer will come into things as we go along.

I’m sitting now on the veranda of our home, listening to the tropical sound of tree frogs, which are deafening when you pay attention but after nearly 20 years of familiarity they just fade into the background. It’s well after 8pm and of course quite dark but the garbage collection truck is just coming round. Often it is much later. Dogs are barking at it’s arrival in the area and, slightly more quietly, can be heard the sound of neighbours conversing out in the street. And it’s still hot – 27c, but feels like 39c!

We have just received notification that at long last we have been granted Immigrant Status in the island. We have been here longer actually than any previous location. Many years ago we were told that our very presence here was intercessory so I guess it’s not surprising that our status has been contested for so long. This is a breakthrough.



  1. Brilliant Rowley – Fantastic news about your immigrant status. Really enjoyed reading your blog – keep it going!! I can picture you now on the veranda. Love to you all Sue.

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