Posted by: Rowland | September 15, 2012

Cafe thoughts

Friday is often ‘cafe day’!  It’s the only cafe I know where it’s wise to check the wind direction before you choose your table because catching the breeze is vital. Otherwise you melt in the high humidity. For most of the time today I got it wrong but I clued on eventually!Image

Sitting there, after meeting a couple of visiting leaders from the States, I found myself praying for their meetings (the reason for their visit to the island) and then began thinking about a passage in Isaiah 66 and the foundational requirements of humility, contrition and trembling at God’s word. Many leaders are proud, in denial, and have ‘know-it-all’ attitudes yet our churches are so full of issues that our needy condition should be plain. The weak condition of traditional congregations is perhaps more obvious than in the newer developments but these same foundations are necessary: we are still dealing with the human heart. I suspect only a work of God’s grace by the Holy Spirit can change this. God help us to lay solid foundations in lives as a priority rather than just struggle with secondary maintenance issues. We need a move of the Holy Spirit. How viable is it to continue only with unending and wearying ‘building’ maintenance? Ought the priority to be relaying the foundations lest we end up building with ‘wood, hay and stubble’ rather than ‘gold, silver and precious stones’? 1 Cor 3:12 Jesus is the only foundation. We must all take care how we build. Is ‘underpinning’ an option or does “no one puts new wine into old wine skins” offer some guidance here?

It’s a nice view from the cafe!


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