Posted by: Rowland | September 17, 2012

Funeral reunions

Actually had a pleasant reunion with Toni and Drew, Gareth and ourselves although we had all been brought together by family funerals necessitating for them travel to Barbados. But fellowship and prayer together was great.

Interestingly too I had just the same day received forwarded notification of the death of a  dear English friend which had occurred some days earlier. I was reminded to look at my journal and found this entry for the date in question, entitled ‘Tearful Morning’: “At breakfast time I was strangely tearful, not aware of any specific cause. Vicki put the news on and gradually my emotions were stirred further so that I had to leave the room. The economic news and it’s sad effect on the people of Greece featured but then good news of Team GB and their parade through London: I struggled through it all. Later, when recounting a dream to Vicki and quoting the breakup of a much-loved church I struggled with tears again… Could it be though that behind all this, without consciously knowing the facts, I was somehow sensitively aware of the death of my friend all those miles away and the sad loss to her family?
So grateful for the hope that is within us…


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