Privileged to be invited and ‘sent’ to serve the Caribbean church where we have been since 1995. Roots are in the Anglican church (an Ordinand) and the UK charismatic movement and house churches since the late 1960’s. We network quite widely and as a priority are mentoring and equipping young adults to “run the race that is set before them”. We are convinced new developments of church and mission are urgently needed and want to affirm the next generation to be and do things differently. As Frodo needed the ring acquired by Bilbo before finding his own purpose (!) it’s a another privilege to be able to impart ‘anything that will be helpful’ to this coming generation.

So, as well as encouraging some different and fresh expressions of church, we are personally being drawn to under-gird these developments by moving into a property that will become a ‘place of prayer’: there is a strong sense that God has been preparing us for this fresh emphasis. We have our sights set on a converted mill tower property with the hope that it will become a spiritual power house rather than the former power house of the exploitative sugar industry amongst the slaves, and that that evil legacy still affecting Caribbean lives will be further replaced by the kingdom of God.



  1. hey dude .. I’ve decided that I wanted to start a blog to so here is my link http://delightfullyvivaciousdonna.wordpress.com/ it’s still in the beginning stages so bear with me until I can figure out how to personalize it and stuff

  2. Browsing your blog (which I found from the link in the BFP blog) my eye caught your reference to house churches. My wife and myself have pulled away from membership of the ICs, mainly on the issues of tithing, and the authoritarian relationships between clergy and laity/ordinary parishioners. Like yourselves, our roots are in the Anglican church, and we have spent some time here in Barbados with the SDA Church, but through the Internet we are learning about the home/house (NT) church movement. We occasionally visit the websites of House Church Central and House Church Network, but there is much to learn.

    Now that we have found you we will keep visiting your blog. I have already put it on our favourites list! God bless.

  3. I said in my last post that there was much to learn. I appreciate that your blog here is not a website, so it seems to be all I have to work with to find out a little more about you than that which is given in your “About” blog above. Of course my wife and myself are working though your archives and links.

    The most interesting phrase is your reference to the UK charismatic movement, apart from your reference to house churches which first attracted our attention.
    We were not familiar with the history of the UKCM and we are certainly not charismatics. The connections with Pentacostalism also draws further distances between us.

    Continuing our searches into the house church movement, in which we began to show interest when we withdrew from the SDA Church here in Barbados, I have come across this with which we identify quite strongly:
    “It is clear from the HCC/HCDL directory that many–perhaps most–home churches are charismatic. I am certainly not against charismatic worship, and I agree that the gifts of tongues and propecy exist and that they are valid in the modern church. However, you will see in the House Church Central pages that I feel that many of the ways that my charismatic brothers and sisters approach the exegesis of certain passages of the New Testament is flawed, blinding eyes to the more important teachings that they actually contain. Certainly, to ignore the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our assemblies is to practice empty worship, but I feel that we need a balance to keep us from being so centered on spiritual experience that we fall short of the mission the Lord has for his church. So I don’t pick fights on the issue, but welcome the opportunity to engage in serious dialogue. While working out their salvation with pain and trembling, all believers need to steer a path somewhere between charismania and charisphobia.”
    Finally (I do not want to make a long post in your “About” blog) I am finding myself pulled in the direction of the Christian Anarchists. In this respect I came across this blog:
    I trust I am not seen to be crashing into your “About” page, but I am honestly trying to get more of a purchase on your views on these matters. May God bless you and your wife, family and friends, and your efforts here in Barbados.

  4. Hey Rowley & Vicki
    Remember me?? Toria wadhams!.
    I was doing a websearch for the boys as I am organizing a 20 year reunion in June and was trying to get letters out to them all, so i did a search for your name and here you are. Wow, I would love to hear from you guys.
    love Toria

  5. Hi Rowley,
    You and Vicki have hosted me and Ali and others on our transit to Guyana in the past. Ali is visiting Guyana – this is the first time she has returned since we left 9 years ago. Her flights have been changed leaving her with an overnight in Barbados. Is it possible that you might be able to help her find somewhere to stay, if it were possible for you to host her it would make her feel much more secure. Godbless, thanks very much
    Chris Walker

  6. Hi Rowland,

    Thought I would drop you a line and let you know.

    Ted Crick’s grandson is visiting Barbados for 10 days from next Tuesday.

    He and his friends want to connect with Christians on the island while there.

    If you want to write to him, his e-mail address is:


    Noel Richards

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