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Changing church – The reason why the way church is done must change is not primarily: a historical reason – the way church was done in NT days was not like today, and far superior to it – although that is true. Nor is the reason pragmatic – the church is not ‘working’, and people are voting with their feet, leaving institutional church in droves, rarely to return – although that is true. Nor is it that cultural ‘modern’ paradigms of institutional church just simply do not work in the post-modern world with its very different mindsets and world views, especially amongst the young – although that too is true. The prime, main and imperative reason why the way we do church must change is because of Jesus, his ‘already here’ but ‘not yet here’ kingdom gospel and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit. The church must enable, encompass, reflect and embody these three things if it is to be faithful to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. The church has somehow become ‘ours’ and not his! It has become static instead of a movement, an institution rather than a powerful surge of new life. You have so much to learn! There are imperatives and directives in the teaching of Jesus that must be obeyed and enjoyed. They will bring change. There are current responses to the work of the Holy Spirit in your lives individually and together, that must be made. They will bring change. There is clear teaching in the New and Old Covenant about the coming Kingdom. This will bring change as it is prophetic teaching, which is the foundation of the church. Jesus brought teaching and the work of the Spirit – a new vision, a new way of communicating and a new experience of God. These three things He is bringing again in your day. This is a ‘hand-over’ generation, a cusp in the purposes of God. You are not ‘getting these things right’ for your generation, but for the next generation. God is turning on in your day three ‘taps’ of the Holy Spirit’s work: sound apostolic teaching and laying foundations for God’s renewed church vision and expansion of the work of God in the world in reaping and transformation new experiences of the Holy Spirit in knowledge, grace, power, miracles and signs to authenticate and point to Jesus and his powerful kingdom. God is shaking all things – those things that once were stable are shaking. The things you thought were stable will be shown to be unstable and may crumble and fall – nations, states, economics, education, health, politics. The turmoil will be ‘earth-shattering’ and immense. Stability and peace will be found in Jesus alone and amongst his people. The new kingdom is emerging – it is here – it is with those who hear and obey the voice of God, and put into practice the things he is showing.

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